Remanufacturing MRC Eclipse PVD systems
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Eclipse Mk-IV

The Eclipse Mk-IV is the Ultimate PVD tool to support you with the following Integrated Applications -

- Interconnects

- Barriers

- Resistors and Conductors

- Packaging, C-4 and Backside

- GaAs Application

- Inkjet Application


Eclipse Mk-IV PVD System Overview

- Lowest Cost Of Ownership

- Highest Throughput

- High Yield Vertical Sputtering

- Vacuum Isolated Process Chambers

- Superior Process Control

- Very High Reliability


Eclipse Mk-IV wafer handling system

- An Atmospheric laminar flow enclosure

- Ergonomic Rotating Cassette Nests

- Optical Wafer Mapping System

- Non Edge contact Optical Pre-Aligner

- Dedicated Pre Process Cassettes

- High Speed Serial Indexed Wafer Transport

- Precision Index Wheel Positioning


Eclipse Mk-IV ICP Pre-Clean module

- High Density Plasma coupled to RF Bias source

- Independent control of RF and ICP power

- High Etching rate

- Less then 10% 1 Sigma Wafer to Wafer Uniformity

- Optional Turbo Pump

- Optional Multiple Gas Input Lines


Eclipse Mk-IV Sput Process Module

- Solid Aluminum one piece Sput Pod

- Ultra High Vacuum

- Four Identically sized Vacuum Isolated Process Chambers.

- Standard Mid-Pod Gas Injection

- Optional High Temperature Dual Zone Backplane

- Optional RF Bias

- High Conductance Chamber Design


The Eclipse Mk-IV comes with Clamp Ring wafer holders specially designed for Round Backplanes which reduces         Secondary Plasma’s.


The Eclipse Mk-IV comes with Quick target change kit

- Replace targets on the system. No need to remove cathode out of system.

- Permanently Mounted

- Faster Target Changes

- Reduces Safety Incidents


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