Remanufacturing MRC Eclipse PVD systems
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Thin Wafers Solutions

Guy Carmeli Services offers Development and Engineering services to our customers around the globe.

Our Engineering department offers intelligent machine vision, an outstanding capabilities of development and design from idea stage to final product and create reliable solutions for its clients.

Guy Carmeli Services has came out with thin wafers handling solutions for MRC Eclipse Star, Mk-II and Mk-IV. We are offering handling solutions for thin wafers that minimizes the stress concentrations induced during handling that can otherwise put cracks in the wafer.

As wafers become thinner, wafers process through MRC Eclipse sputter tools becomes problematic. The light weight of the wafers and their sharp edges make it difficult to align and position, which ultimately can cause wafer breakage. The Wafer Holder latches are also optimized for a specific thickness. Companies that process multiple wafer thicknesses often need to find various solutions to handle the different thicknesses. Our engineers will develop and design the ultimate solution for every problem our clients facing.

We are specializes in integrating intelligent machine vision and micron-level precision technologies to solve the most difficult custom, thin wafer automation challenges.