Remanufacturing MRC Eclipse PVD systems
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Welcome to Guy Carmeli Services Inc.

Guy Carmeli Services Inc. has outstanding Remanufacturing capabilities of PVD equipments. We are specializing in Sourcing, Remanufacturing and Re-supply of MRC Eclipse systems of all types (Eclipse Star, Eclipse Mk-II and Eclipse Mk-IV) up to 200mm wafer size, and with any customer configuration needed.

All of our Remanufactured systems are being tested till the last acceptance test procedure detail, assuring perfect production and process performance for ultimate customer satisfaction.

All of our Remanufactured systems include on-site installation, full start-up and warranty support covering spare parts as well.

We are specializing in post warranty support for MRC Eclipse customers, focusing on continues improvement of equipment production and process performance.

Guy Carmeli Services Inc. delivers top quality products and offer equipments enhancements development to improve productivity and process solutions.